A full control of your production line:

MCPI Fine dosing® weighed rotary bowls, associated with MCPI controllers are used to verify the weight of items manufactured on a production line, to control efficiency through statistical analysis, to reject non-conforming items, and alert in case of non-compliance.

Compactness, price, precision, ease of use and integration


This principle provides automatic control of all products running on a production line:

  • Classifies the products according to weight ranges selected
  • Sorts or rejects them, based on their classification, with an exceptional level of precision.

These systems are used for weight control to improve quality and optimize the process by inspecting 100% of the products.

Technical data "Check weigher" controllers

  • 3 accuracy quality for the scales (from 0.1gram to 2 mg).
  • Range: from a few mg to a few kilograms
  • Integrated overload stops
  • Hygienic design according to EHEDG rules
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Pneumatical or electrical actuator (rotational drive)
  • Customized products on request
  • Measuring time < 0.5 sec
  • High measurement resolution
  • Statistical overview of the production
  • Saving of results
  • Outputs to command actuators if the product weights exceed tolerances.


  • Control of items and of their compliance
  • Control of missing elements
  • Checking with weight of the number of products
  • Classification of the products with weight classes
  • Determination of net weight
  • Evaluation of the efficiency of a production line


   Class    Resolution of the scale   Max. weighing range of the bowl
A              100 mg     (0.1 g) 5 kg
2A               10 mg    (0.01 g) 500 grams
3A                2 mg   (0.002g)    50 grams
4A              0.1 mg (0.0001g) 50 grams



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