Some basic principles:

Unlike gravimetric feeders where control is based on mass measurement, volumetric feeding is achieved without any instrument . Feeding control is based on time setting (in batch mode the feeder is operated during a fixed period of time), and performance depends on feeders' technology and settings.

Volumetric feeders are more economical than gravimetric feeders and allow shorter cycle times, however, it is not possible to check dosing values or obtain feeding traceability.

Feeding stability:

Feeding stability depends on feeder extraction efficiency (extraction technology) and material properties. A powder with good flowability (low bonding strength between particles), will give better results.  Feeders based on MCPI Fine dosing® principle, create shear forces inside the material, characterised by low amplitude but high density, able to separate particles bonded together and to break agglomerates. This results in a stable flow, giving repeatable volumetric feeding.


Volumetric micro feeder with 3 lanes, working at high cadency.

Volumetric feeder used in pharma industry, to dose continuous flow of powder into a reactor.

Hygienic powdering system. Used to add a continuous flow of ingredient into a mixer (10 to 100 grams/min of caseine). As option, an indication of the output flow rate is proposed (kg/h)  


 Micro feeder with 2 heads made for a research center (dosing of micro balls- feeding ranges : 0.05 à 0.2 gram).

Technical data (in batch mode)

 Min. dosing time     : From 0.3 sec
Setting of dosing    : Counting the number of oscillations (short cut system) + Setting of frequency+ output gate setting
 Min. quantity    : from 10 mg
Max. cadency    : up to  60 dosing/ sec..
 Fabrication   : SS 304L or 316L, with optional polishing


   : Optional 

Some results

Spherical shape powder (80 µm) 

Set point: 45 mg - Dosing time : 1.8"

Standard deviation: 1.1 mg


Small ball (Ø 0.5 mm) 

Set point: 1.0 g - Dosing time : 0.18"

Standard deviation: 0.044 mg

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