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The flow controller controls a continuous discharge of material from a feeder at a defined rate of flow.

The process is started by simply entering the desired flow rate (kg/min). The process can be started using pre-defined values from the table.

During operation the display informs the operator about the current flow rate, the control output of the feeder (frequency of the motor in Hz), the net weight of the hopper, the total quantity of material discharge.

Mass flow regulation with closed loop: The flow controller is an application to control a constant flow rate of material. The flow rate is calculated from the weight change in the batch hopper by means of statistic functions. A PID – controller determines a control output value from the actual flow rate and flow rate set point. This value controls the discharge system via an analogue output.

The flow controller can be used in different applications:

  • Volumetric mode with measurement of the material flow rate.
  • Controlled material flow rate with local flow set point
  • Controlled material flow rate with stop at set point

Automatic refill during material flow: With discharge weighing, the hopper can be filled automatically. A continuous “infinite” material flow can be generated by automatic refiling.

Multi Flow-Controller: for the independent control of up to 8 feeders

Technical advantages:

Human Machine Interface

 6" high quality colour touch screen display with graphical information. Easy to use and understand, dedicated to the feeding process.

Weighing technology

100 000  resolution points, short reaction time based on an efficient signal filtration system. Powerful digital signal processing and digital control algorithms

PID- controller

Closed loop regulation with PID (proportional-integral-derivative) controller

Flow table

Automatic memorization of the flow table

Weighing trend graph

For a better control of the process


Protection with 3 separate passwords:

  • One for maintenance settings (including calibration)

  • 3 levels for production: one free + 2 different passwords for the operator and supervisor 


Protocol: Modbus TCPIP (Ethernet link). An integrated exchange table  to simplify communication with almost all types of PLCs

Multi language

English, French, Spanish, German


 g/s - g/min - kg//min - kg/h


Statistics for the total production & short term period


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