An accurate, ergonomic, flexible and secure solution.

Accuracy and speed are the two main qualities required for a checkweighing system.
The first helps to prevent overdose, whilst ensuring that the company meets its commitments and the second reduces checking time.

The MCPI controllers use first class technology and are designed to achieve high levels of performance.

Production reports can be checked at a glance: The average weights, the standard deviation, the number of pieces rejected and total weighing performed.

Many recipes are stored in the controller and the weighing results are recorded and transferred via a USB key.


Technical advantages:

Human Machine Interface

6" high quality colour touch screen display with graphical information. Easy to use and understand, dedicated to the feeding process.

Weighing technology

100,000  resolution points, short reaction time based on an efficient signal filtration system. Powerful digital signal processing and digital control algorithms

Weighing resolution

Resolution from 5 mg (for 3A class)

Statistical analysis

Production at a glance with: weighing average, standard deviation, number of controls, number of wrong pieces, production cadency...

Data storage

Results are memorized in the controller.  Data exchange with USB stick or network connection.

Production recipes are stored

Operating modes

3 modes available to control the weighing cycle


Protocol: Modbus TCPIP (Ethernet link). An integrated exchange table  to simplify the communication with almost all types of PLCs

Multi language

English, French



Protection with 3 separate passwords:

  • One for maintenance settings (including calibration)

  • 3 levels for production: one free + 2 different passwords for the operator and supervisor 



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